About Maitreey – Maitreey Preksha Seva Mission

“Maitreey Preksha Seva Mission” is a philanthropic public charitable trust which is a non-political, non-religious and secular body, registered under ‘Indian Trust Act, 1882’. The Trust was incorporated in November 2004, while actual social work started way ahead in the first quarter of 2000.

The Trust is committed to selfless social service and public welfare for the overall development and multi- dimensional upliftment of poor, down-trodden and under privileged people. The Trust aims at providing hope and new opportunities, spiritual guidance, solace, alleviation of suffering, economic support, employment, promoting educational and welfare programs and activities for the overall growth and welfare of the society.

Being a spiritual organization and public charitable Trust, the Mission reaches out to people of all religions to unify humanity by spreading the universal message of love and brotherhood. The Mission provides hope and new opportunities, spiritual guidance, economic support, promoting employment for overall growth and welfare of the weaker sections of the society. Above all, the Mission stands for bringing total health and happiness by helping eradicate the stigma of the biblical disease, “Leprosy”.

Maitreey Mission serves the humanity in three ways.

  1. By spreading Spirituality – propagating the universal unity of all religions.
  2. Holistic Healing to handle diseases and disorders of human body.
  3. Charity/ Seva for the welfare and benefit of all the sick, poor, old and destitute of the society.

Vision and mission

Maa says,


  • “It has been my primary goal to help vulnerable people, especially children & mostly girls”
  • “I firmly believe that decent education can pull them out from most of their miseries especially poverty”


  • Maitreey Mission was conceived with the three-fold objective of – Healing, Charity & Spirituality, in the service to humanity.
  • By experiencing Practical Spirituality, leads to healing of the mind, body and brings about happiness for all. Where man learns to rejoice in the only Supreme power of the Creator – God.

Our Team

Maitreey Preksha Seva Mission – Our People

Under the Divine guidance of ‘Guru Maa’, there are excellent hand-picked volunteers who are working tirelessly to make Vatsalyam a ‘Home away from home’. Every working member at Vatsalyam is trained personally by Maa, as ‘Maa’, herself is very close and deeply affectionate to the children. Maa always says, “Children are our tomorrow’s Torch Bearers, they should be given a clean path that they become leaders in the future.”

Sanjiv Verma


Sanjiv Verma, the Secretary of our Mission, handles the entire administrative responsibilities. All the records and facts of various fields that have to be submitted in different departments, various government inspections, etc. are taken care of by him. His effort and hard work since the Mission’s inception has made Vatsalyam come true as Maa’s dream project.

Narendra Malhotra

Joint Secretary

Narendra Malhotra, the Joint Secretary of the Mission, takes care of all the running around, from small repair work to any big change that is required. As our home is for girls, no males like plumbers/electricians, etc. is allowed.  Thus for all such work, he gives his precious time and gets the work done in his presence. The Mission values his time and effort that he sincerely puts in.

Snigdha Nanda

Snigdha Nanda, is lovingly called as ‘Choti Maa’ by our girls. For all extra-curricular activities like singing, dancing, coloring or clay making etc., she is looked upon by the girls. Herself, an artist, she helps the girls in all such activities. The girls are trained to perform on the stage during our Founder’s Day and even in their school, they are selelected on this basis.

Asha Malhotra

Asha Malhotra is an excellent support and extended arm for Vatsalyam. She is a very regular volunteer, who takes care of girl’s daily needs like clothing, shoes, slippers, stationeries and many other necessary items for their day to day wear. Herself, a mother of two young daughters, she painstakingly takes care of all the girls’ needs growing into teenage stage of life. She is looked upon by the girls for every demand and is lovingly called as ‘Maa’.

Vijay Raj

Coordinator – Social Development

Vijay Raj:  Coordinator – Social Development Vijay Raj, studied and worked in many countries, has been closely associated with the functioning of the Mission since its very inception as a Founder Trustee. Being young he has been successfully providing administrative guidance to the volunteers and juniors, assigning and scheduling their work and motivating them to complete the target inside deadlines. Planning strategies, implementing our organization’s programs & services and resolving problems by organizing and attending community and charitable meetings have been important areas managed by him. Additionally he has been a great support in critically assessing and taking remedial measures in the educational development of the girls staying at ‘Vatsalyam’, the home run for destitute girls from different Leprosy colonies.

Asavari Verma

Youth Ambassador


Asavari Verma a dedicated medical professional and an impassioned social entrepreneur, driven by a dual commitment to healing individuals and empowering the community.
As a Health and Education youth ambassador for Maitreey Mission, Asavari has been intricately involved since her early years. She actively manages and raises awareness through our social media platforms, spearheads various fundraising activities, and empowers fellow youth to engage and contribute ideas for our cause’s growth. Beyond mentorship, she embodies sisterhood to the girls at Vatsalyam, teaching and motivating these young individuals. Asavari is actively involved in volunteering programs, managing volunteers, training them, and ensuring they are equipped to make meaningful contributions. Asavari exemplifies the spirit of service and leadership, driving positive change within our organization and beyond.