Maa’s Life and Teachings

Maa Shyama is a charismatic leader for many in today’s spiritual movement. Maa Shyama hailing from South India was a gifted child. Her mother was told by few sages and also she saw few visions of birth of a very powerful soul into the family. Her father a staunch Vaishnava and devout mother who in her state of numerous spiritual visions was visited by Devas and deities while she was pregnant who kept giving the information that the child to be born would be a girl and is coming out of Tulsi, the holy basil as the child comes from a highly enlightened state. From a very orthodox family as a child she grew up being very sensitive to all the religious rituals. She was not formally initiated by any guru and brought into specific sect or training. Though her parents were strong Vaishnavas (strong devotes of Lord Vishnu), she as a child at the age of seven received initiation by ethereal form of Lord Shiva that she remembers after that she begin to see and hear the command of the Lord.
Maa Shyama Owner & Co-Owner
At tender age

she was able to recite from Bhagavad Gita to

Shyamala Dantakam, a tough composition in Sanskrit by the great poet Kalidas. She grew up with occult and mystical experiences, displaying from her very childhood remarkable psychic activity, artistic and literary talents. Her psychic powers puzzled her parents. She was often distracted and would be seen gazing into space, her eyes not focused on outer objects, when forcibly shaken she would stiffen. Her mother thought as a young girl she got possessed by negative forces and took her even to exorcists.
Her parents got her married almost at 19 when from within she was rebellious and wanted independence to understand the occult experiences that she was undergoing. She subdued her raging experiences learning classical music under her guru, playing Veena, singing for hours, painting her emotions in splash of colors, who now is an artist who paints for hours to create breathtaking, beautiful portraits of divinity. With challenges of life she became fearless and confident person. A confident mother, tender and caring nature she became a mother figure for many very soon. She is an all means a multi faceted person. She is one among such people who doesn’t need validation from others because she is sure of herself and knows what all she can give back to the society.
She is brave and strong to embrace everything and everyone..she says, “You’ll be surprised to learn that the positive attitude of each of you will make the world a better place.” She founded Maitreey Preksha Seva Mission, a charitable spiritual trust. Maitreey stands for love, friendship and unity of brotherhood. It is a non-profit, educational and humanitarian organization. It’s educational and self-development programs are powerful tools to eliminate stress and establish a sense of well-being. Maa is a highly evolved, enlightened and an extremely kind hearted, she has touched and transformed the lives of each and every person who have come to her. Very young she had a vision of an ethereal figure, an ascended master, and she was told about the work that was in store for her and the moment she accepted his guidance and walked the path ahead alone! She is an ardent nature lover and communicates with nature, birds and animals. She is a perfect channel for some of the Ascended Masters and Sidha gurus who convey to her their messages. She constantly keeps researching in all major religious scriptures for a comparative and parallel study about the new age wisdom imparted by the celestial Ascended masters because India is a country belonging to different faiths. This makes her lectures simple and authentic and her new age teachings are well accepted by one and all without religious differences.
Full of humility and gracious nature she devotes her time selflessly to the cause of humanity. She does regular spiritual and family counseling for people who come to her with desperate health, money, relationship and other problems. Everyday she spends tireless hours meeting and healing people and makes sure that when people leave her they are feeling comforted and confident. She magnetizes people with her intense love, truly mothering and welcoming with open arms every one who visits her. She goes about taking care and feeding everyone who come to her like a mother, speaking words of wisdom, healing and blessing the distressed souls. Maa reads her devotee’s thoughts and emotions at a distance and remains always connected to them, she is able to pre warn them of any untoward incident or disaster and she immediately heals and protects the situation. All of her disciples whether in India or abroad who know her have experienced her immense love, light and protection. full of adventures who loves climbing, and her love for mountains brings her close to with Nature The focus of all the activities and lectures by Maa is to teach her disciples simple spiritual yet practical tools, for manifesting a healthy and peaceful life, finally to guide them and take them into the most exalted state of mind, the Self Awakened state that leads towards Moksha or Ascension. After coming in contact with Maa almost all have experienced positive transformation.
She preaches techniques to balance our day to day life; how to live in simplicity, unconditional love, forgiveness and gratitude. Her New Age teachings are aimed at creating a platform for Universal Brotherhood where people from all religions and faith and all kinds of spiritual seekers can participate. All experience a feeling of peace, bliss and a surge of spiritual energies within their being. Maa’s teachings is not aligned with any one path or –ism, instead, she seeks to awaken the oneness and unity within all people and all the diverse religious belief systems. She emphasizes to her seekers that there are no short-cuts to spiritual growth, no instant enlightenment formula or recipe, no ‘fast food’ for rapid spirituality. In her classes/lectures Maa makes everyone practice the spiritual wisdom, what they learn in her classes and experience for themselves the benefits. She believes spiritual wisdom should be put in action, tried and tested by the students only if it works for them: they should accept it and follow, otherwise reject it. She is an expounder of Practical Spirituality. She says, “No-one else can do it for you: we all are concerned about the future of earth, but nothing from outside will suddenly come and change it, only each of us has to make an effort to bring that change. Absolutely nothing outside of yourself can do it for you.”

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