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Vatsalyam Home Cum School , Saakshar (Free Tuition Classes) , For Maitreey Mission (Other Causes)

Latest Wisdom from Maa Shyama

Slums Girls life transformation

Stay positive during Lock down

Maa’s Life and Teachings

Maa Shyama is a charismatic leader for many in today’s spiritual movement. Maa Shyama hailing from South India was a gifted child. Her mother was told by few sages and also she saw few visions of birth of a very powerful soul into the family.

Battle with Corona-Asura

From ancient times, we have known about severe wars between Asuras or demons & Devas or angelic beings. Sometimes the Asuras win defeating the Devas and Devas then take the support of Gods and fight and push them back to death. They both represent two sides of life, at times the goodness wins and sometimes the negative force wins. The entire battle takes many years and yugas or planetary age and then after a brief mini pralaya or dissolution then the earth resumes back to normal for the humanity. The asuras come to teach a lesson and once the lesson is learnt they go back.

Make a donation

Let them be a part of your celebrations of birthdays, anniversaries or on special festivals. You can also offer them meal in remembrance of your dear ones and seek their blessings. The children are served vegetarian meals.
  • Regular Meals – 3500/-
  • Special Meals – 5000/-
(In special meals, you can add on one dish and one dessert of your choice)

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