Charity Endeavours


Each community face its own unique circumstances regarding the development of girl child. Maitreey Mission has been working with leprosy colonies very closely years before even its inception as an organisation. Leprosy afflicted people even after getting cured are ostracised and stigmatised. Their children cannot live normal life. And the most difficult is the life of the girl child. Maa always believed that girls’ education as one of our priorities, because to a great extent the peace and prosperity of our world depend upon the development of the intelligence of the females. Girls’ safety and education has been the primary cause for us to start our home away from home project, ‘Vatsalyam’. Through this project we are empowering girls by giving them equal access to education, and saving them from child marriage, abuse, exploitation etc. Sometimes sadly both the parents are addicted to alcohol and get into regular fights and it is traumatic for the little girls to cope up. Our girls receive free education, they live in the campus freely enjoying their childhood to build a better world of them and all.
We started Vatsalyam in the year 2009 with very few girls, then we moved on to Noida into a large campus. And soon we started a residential school, ‘Vatsalyam Gurukul School’. These girls are empowered who will break the cycle of poverty, break away from the stigma and will return to the main stream with good education and higher wages to support themselves. We are required to give these little and grown girls healthy psychological support to battle their stigmatised background.
In our school we are imparting good education that will help them have good carriers, we see them developing into confident young women now. In return we see the future through these girls as educated mothers to help their children live a healthy and far better life than what they have seen.VGS caters to poor village children also and is a co-education school for day boarders. However, Vatsalyam children live within the campus as for them it is residential school. Under this project girls are provided support for continuing to the mainstream education system of the country.


Free Tuition Support and Remedial Classes for Slum Children and School Dropouts (Primary and Middle School)
Sakshar means literacy, an ability to read and write. We consider it is the duty of the literate ones to help spread literacy. But in today’s demand of life, literacy is not just reading and writing. Literacy is the way to achieve better way of living. Right to education is one of the fundamental rights for the people. The National Literacy Mission was set up by Govt. of India in 1988 with the aim to eradicate illiteracy from the country. Every individual, every establishment small or big has to support this literacy mission in their own way.
We took this responsibility on us too and started in our own humble way to educate the poor slum children. In the year 2010 we started in a more organised way and named it Maitreey Sakshar.
It is free tuition centers in Dakshipuri, Ambedkar Colony a vast slum situated in South Delhi. These remedial classes help them with their school work so that they don’t drop out of school as their parents are daily wagers and mostly illiterate. It also keeps them away from the streets where they are likely to get into bad habits, drugs and crime and prevents these vulnerable children from abuse and sexual assault etc. Classes are conducted morning and evenings, presently nearly 300 children attend our free tuition. Each child is provided after school tuition support, stationary, books and with a glass of milk and nutritional snacks every day, free of charge. We also take care of their medical needs, immunization and regularly get their health check-ups done. Our volunteers counsel the parents and keep a track of their attendance and are in constant touch with their families and their school teachers to ensure that the child is regularly attending school and our tuition classes and is not going into bad habits and company.
Maitreey Sakshar was was supported by Tapasvani Navashana for a year , subsequently it was sponsored for the next five years by ‘NSIC (Okhla N. Delhi) under their CSR initiative. Presently we are generating funds to run two Tution centers at Dakshin puri on our own . We are also looking forward for sponsors to expand this endeavour in other slums.


Terrible Tsunami hit our country down south causing huge loss of life and property. The devastating event got us to do some small support to the villagers.

Battle with Carona-Asura

we have relentlessly been providing groceries and cooked food and other helpreqired by the poor and migrant labour community. everyday lunch has been supplied to the caregivers of the covid patients at various hospitals of Noida, Greater Noida, Delhi and Chennai.

Blood Donation Camp

Maitreey Mission regularly organised blood donation camps.

Leprosy Relief – Maitreey Preksha Seva Mission

“Maitreey Preksha Seva Mission” is engaged in welfare activities for leprosy patients and their families scattered in and around the National Capital Region of Delhi. The leprosy patients in these colonies are not only disabled but also dispossessed and deprived of human kindness and care. The Mission has taken up the cause of providing a decent life to them and liaises with the local and governmental agencies for ameliorating their problems. They are the most neglected lot. Due to misconceptions about leprosy disease even their perfectly normal family members/children are considered outcastes and socially boycotted by our society, forcing them to beg, as no one is willing to employ them. They are not even allowed to sell vegetables on the street or put up a kiosk. Their children/family members have no means of livelihood.

They suffer deep stigma because of ignorance about this disease. Due to the apparent visible deformities on the face and limbs of leprosy patients and on account of their oozing wounds & infected limbs they are not normally attended by doctors and refused admission even in government hospitals. Voluntary organizations like ours have a real hard time trying to get doctors to examine and attend to their medical needs. Apart from the medical relief through our dispensary, “Arogyam” we have extended our support in various other areas.

We Share
Distribution of blankets and beddings are done every winter as per the needs of these patients. Apart from this, winter clothings like socks, caps, sweaters, shawls, trousers and other normal dress materials are regularly shared with these patients by voluntary contributions of our members and like-minded people.

We Build
The Mission has taken up the responsibility to give these unfortunate lots some decent living.

*The Mission has constructed toilets for ladies and men (ten each), saving them from the inconvenience of getting indecent exposure.

*The Mission bears the expense of repair and maintenance of small houses of the Leprosy Patients.

*For the young children of these patients who are not allowed to play with other normal children of their age, the Mission has put up many swings and a playground for them to play and feel entertained.

* We renovated and reconstructed the old Church which is was dilapidated condition.

We Give
Complete groceries for the Leper Colonies like, cooking oil, pulses, rice, wheat, sugar, tea and cooking spices are distributed on regular basis. It is shared between each house hold every month by their panchayat. For those children studying in the nearby schools, we supply stationeries, uniforms, shoes, school bags etc. We do distribute toys to children who live with their parents.

We Celebrate
With those dispossessed people, nobody likes to celebrate any festival, though many willingly contribute in kindness, towards such occasion. In the Mission we spend some time with them and collectively celebrate the major festivals like Christmas, Diwali, Shivratri etc.

We help
Many young girls of these colonies need support to get married. The Mission makes the arrangement by helping them buy their wedding dresses, utensils, setting up their new homes etc.

We Grieve
The Mission takes the responsibility from birth to burial. The passing away of a member of these Leper Colonies, is a sad and wrenching period for these unfortunates. This is the time they feel lonely. We are always there with them to share in their grief, at such difficult moments in life. Not just emotional support but the expenses of conducting the last rites of the deceased are borne by the mission.


How can you help?

  • Sponsor a child
  • Sponsor a girl child’s education and living
  • Sponsor a medical support
  • Sponsor the Stationary for children
  • Celebrate/ Share your happy moments at festivals & B’days.

Leprosy Work We Did